There’s a reason Milwaukee hasn’t heard much from GGOOLLDD lately. For starters, the beloved electo-pop project relocated to Appleton last year, before ultimately winding up in Louisiana. More significantly, the band has been touring like crazy. GGOOLLDD spent much of the spring traversing North America as the opening support for Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark (better known as “OMD”) during the veteran English dance project’s six-week, 27-city, 28-show tour.

Wanting a souvenir from their longest and biggest tour yet, GGOOLLDD decided to record footage at various other stops throughout the U.S. and Canadian excursion. When put together by director Savannah Ziemann (who directed the “Undercovers” video and is the sister of bassist Nick Ziemann) and set to music, the band left tour with a fun new music video for “The Way That I Feel” off last year’s excellent Teeth EP.

“The tour was absolutely amazing and we really wanted a way to document it,” GGOOLLDD vocalist Margaret Butler tells Milwaukee Record. “We started filming about a week in, knowing it might not turn out since we filmed it on a cell phone, but also just wanting to have the memories for ourselves, if nothing else. I think the finished product absolutely embodies the feeling of the entire tour.”

Watch Butler and her bandmates goof around in green rooms across the country and two Canadian provinces, dance in houses in Los Angeles and Phoenix, don unicorn horns with kids at a Detroit bowling alley, get rowdy in “some hotel” in Seattle, and spend time at a “decrepit shack” somewhere in New Mexico. OMD even steps in front of the camera for a cameo during the New Orleans tour stop.

Before GGOOLLDD plays PrideFest this weekend and hits the road again before returning to play Gathering On The Green in Mequon in July, take a trip with GGOOLLDD today via the group’s “The Way That I Feel” music video.

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