After bursting onto the scene with 2018’s self-titled debut that quickly prompted the young band to land some high-profile local shows, Cashfire Sunset chased its first year in existence with an even more accomplished 2019. In addition to playing out from time to time, the prolific shoegaze outfit also put out two excellent releases last year in the form of its Mars Banks EP and its even better full-length, Get The Starts.

Though Cashfire Sunset has managed as much output in its first two years as many bands release in a decade, the outfit’s feverish creative pace hasn’t slowed one bit in 2020. March 17 will bring about a new album, the formal introduction of a new member, and at least a hint of an exciting new sonic direction with the release of Age Before Beauty.

At eight songs and more than 30 minutes in length, the forthcoming album offers—in the band’s own words—the same “noise, distortion, abstraction, dreams, reality, fatalism, single mic drums, over-driven five-string bass, tubes, solid states, digitals, analogs, analogies, hyperbole, and hope” of previous releases. However, vocalist/guitarist Jason Zbichorski says Age Before Beauty is a “chillcore” effort that eschews much of the enthusiasm displayed in last year’s releases in favor of a sort of tempered heaviness. Another noticeable difference is the vocals.

Since the last album came out, Cashfire Sunset has brought singer-guitarist Amber Parrett into the mix to take the lead on some songs (including bleary standout track “Wig”), splitt vocals duties with Zbichorski on tracks like “Good Money,” and lend lush harmonies to lo-fi material like “Dog.” With more members and a refreshing new focus added to an already winning blend of moody distortion and churning instrumentation, Cashfire Sunset is clearly at its best in Age Before Beauty—at least until they inevitably top it with another release later this year.

Before the album’s March 17 digital release and before Cashfire Sunset’s show with Panic On Panic and Saebra & Carlyle at Cactus Club this Friday, you can stream four songs off Age Before Beauty below.

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