When we last checked in with art-damaged post-rock act Dirty Dancing, frontman Eric Schoen was bemoaning the drudgery of modern life and using his cat as a workout tool in the video for “Don’t Wanna Be Satisfied.” Now, a year later, Schoen’s cat remains, but things have become a bit more chemically enhanced.

In the wonderfully weird video for the just plain wonderful “When We First Met,” Schoen ingests a tab of a mystery drug emblazoned with the song’s title, leaves his house (never a good idea), and embarks on an increasingly glitchy trip through Milwaukee. Along the way, he zones out to the Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra at the Shops of Grand Avenue, watches himself play a show at High Dive, shares an underwater kiss with SIN BAD’s Audrey Pennings, and does battle with 8-bit versions of ex-Sheriff Clarke and Brother Ron. As one does.

Dirty Dancing has long been one of the city’s best under-the-radar bands, though the “under-the-radar” part may soon change: Schoen and company are slated to record a full-length album with Gloss Records’ Harrison Colby early this fall. The band’s next show is October 20 at Linneman’s, in support of a NO/NO record release show.

“When We First Met” by Dirty Dancing from Eric Schoen on Vimeo.

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