Friends, to paraphrase Stephen King, come in and out of our lives like servers in a restaurant. We get old. We change. Careers and marriage and children and everything else send us on different paths. The common bonds that once forged our very best friendships fray and eventually break. It’s inevitable. It’s life.

But, to paraphrase Milwaukee “bubble grunge supergroup” Breakup Tour, at least old friends can bond over the shit they still hate. Like McMansions, rich kids, and pineapple pizza. (That last one is debatable.)

Enter “(At Least We Still Hate) The Same Shit!” the hilarious (and bittersweet) debut single from Breakup Tour. “Are you crushing a Xanax with my shiny gold twelve-month chip?” the charmingly shaggy and grungy song asks in its opening seconds. Happily, now-disparate lives can come together again over a shared hatred of seedy motels, conspiracy theorists, and DLC expansions for video games. (That last one is not debatable.)

Breakup Tour includes Nat Otto (Man Random), Sam Schrader (Bureaucratic Drift), D.H. Thomas (The Unitaskers), and Amy Upthagrove (June Gloom, Beach Static, Intolerable Swill). “(At Least We Still Hate) The Same Shit!” was engineered and mixed by Otto at Camp Random, and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. Unlike bigots, traffic, and thirst pics, we love it.

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