A lot has changed since Timothy Charles And The Blind Fiction released its self-titled album in 2016. Since then, the blues rock trio consisting of the eponymous singer-guitarist and drummer Nick Lang (or Buffalo Gospel, Caley Conway, various others) welcomed Eric Madunic (Tweed Funk, Willy Porter) on bass. They changed their name to “Blind Fiction” and recorded their forthcoming sophomore effort, Overlook, at Howl Street Recordings. Along the way, the band’s frontman—who now goes by the name Tim Wright—was diagnosed with depression.

Wright says he combined the ongoing struggles with his mental health with themes in a well-known piece of literature he was reading during the experience to craft songs for the aptly-named Overlook.

“The lyrical theme of the record developed as I began reading The Shining, during which time I was diagnosed with clinical depression,” Wright says. “The tune ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ was specifically written after coming to terms with my mental health and trying to use the characters and setting of the book to explore those emotions.”

Those emotions come through in the video for that first single, as Wright’s lyrics acknowledging depression are joined by downcast and bluesy instrumentation that help further set the mood. The “Ignorance Is Bliss” video was shot at Howl Street by Tony Lopez and Bo McCollow. Before Overlook is released “in early 2019,” you can watch the video for the new song below. Blind Fiction’s next show is at Nice Ash (Waukesha) on Friday, October 19.

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