Back in March, Milwaukee got its first taste of Bleach Athletixx, the newest project from former Young Holidays mastermind Max Holiday. Debut single “California Future” was everything we’d come to expect from Holiday: infectious, glossy, loaded with drug references, and not unlike a “South Beach speed boat chase, shadowed-out B-movie sex scene, or pretty much anything involving Don Johnson set to music.” It was great.

Now, months later, Bleach Athletixx is back with the equally great “Squatter’s Rights.” While not as polished or Miami Vice-y as “California Future,” the new song doubles down on some Jesus And Mary Chain guitars to create a washed-out, pupil-dilated vibe that stays true to Holiday’s chemically-altered aesthetic and expands it ever so slightly to new sonic territory. Less than two minutes long, and with lyrics like “The flower shop is closed on Monday / I’ve been crying on the phone all morning / Yeah I’m taking a pill,” it’s the quick-hit, druggy summer song you’ve been waiting for.

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