Here in the age of the side project, it’s not uncommon for new bands to be constructed from pieces that already (or at least recently) put to use in other acts. Bands like Whips, New Boyz Club, and Foreign Goods are just some of the most recent and successful cases of Milwaukee music’s rampant Venn diagraming. Though it’s not unexplored territory by any means, occasionally a cast of disparate collaborators comes together and forms something especially intriguing. Take Dorth Nakota for example.

Forged from active and former members of Piles, Worrier, Sleepcomesdown, and Coo Woo, the brand new project not-so-quietly announced its presence earlier this week with “Camel Cash,” the band’s first demo. With driving and melodic guitars, morbid and droned-out vocals, and overriding auras of post-punk and math rock, Dorth Nakota seems to have taken ingredients that have been enjoyed on their own elsewhere and combined them into something intriguing. It’s hard to judge a new band on the merit of less than four minutes of material, but color us excited to hear more. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long. Dorth Nakota will play its first show at Cactus Club on Wednesday, September 23 in support of Viet Cong and Greys.

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