“I‘m an indie rocker. I have a style that sets me apart from the legendary Frank Zappa. Though I do appreciate his music, our names are the only real similarity.”

That’s a helpful media-kit hint from Frank Gappa, a Wisconsin-born, former-Brooklynite, now-living-in-Milwaukee musician whose debut solo LP, Let Me Show You My Jean Jacket, is set for release on Thursday, January 11. Indeed, the nine-track record contains precious little experimental jazz-fusion freak-outs; instead it’s brimming with moody and controlled indie-rock perfect for wandering through half-deserted city streets at twilight. Sorry, no “Valley Girl” here.

Instead, here’s the moody and controlled indie rock of opening track “Lost In Brooklyn”! Streaming exclusively on Milwaukee Record!

“When I moved to Brooklyn in 2018 with my wife, it took me a while to learn my way around,” Gappa says of the song. “I spent one of my first days there wandering around on foot through the streets of Brooklyn, Prospect Park and Crown Heights specifically. It was scary in some ways but extremely exciting. My wife knew the neighborhoods and way around much better, a true pro at navigating the subway system. ‘Lost In Brooklyn’ is about embracing the unknown of the big city and being willing to take on the adventure with my wife.”

Gappa and his band will celebrate the release of Jean Jacket (engineered and mixed by Chuck Zink at Silver City Studios) on Thursday, January 11 at Company Brewing. R.J. Ziebarth will play in support. Until then, you can enjoy another advance single from the record, “Not A Good Look.”

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