“Often dogged by the seasonal melancholy of Midwestern winters, ANDII understands how it feels to be isolated and set out to drift on the open seas of depression.” So begins the description for “Winter Blues II,” the latest track from Milwaukee singer-songwriter ANDII (a.k.a. Andi Heath). If that sounds like a tough listen, never fear: With the help of a tropical touch, “Winter Blues II” manages to tackle heavy themes while still staying light on its feet.

“Winter Blues II” follows up ANDII’s 2019 EP What I’m Good At. Like the songs from that album, the new track is buoyed by Heath’s strong voice and plainspoken lyrics. (Opening line: “Sitting on the couch in my underwear / Trying to think of something clever, but it’s just not there.”) Coupled with a L’Resorts-esque island vibe, you have, in the artist’s words, “a veritable life raft for both herself and others who struggle finding hope during the most desolate time of year.” Goodness knows we all need one.

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