Memorial Day is a time to pause, give thanks to all those who have served our country, and cook out or something. It’s also a time to celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer. Summer! Is there anything better than summer in Milwaukee? A big honking list of Milwaukee summer festivals says “NO.”

Anyway, like most of you, we’re taking it easy today. But that doesn’t mean we’re leaving you high and dry. Below you’ll find a 29-track playlist of some of our favorite Milwaukee songs of 2019 (the ones on Soundcloud, anyway), perfect for scoring you beginning-of-summer/Memorial Day festivities. Enjoy, Milwaukee, and we’ll see you Tuesday.

Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of Leisure – “Do You Feel Me”
Zed Kenzo – “Machete”
The Midwest Beat – “I’m Shifting”
Pay The Devil – “Off My Shoes”
GGOOLLDD – “Success”
MT Twins – “Northside Testimony”
Astral Hand – “Universe Machine”
Pete Freeman – “Skylines & Distilleries”
Rose Of The West – “Roads”
Eli Cash – “Time Is Running Out”
SIN BAD – “Tremors”
Chicken Wire Empire – “Reckless (Recluse)”
Crystal Knives – “Stranded”
Lifetime Achievement Award – “The Melatonin”
Mudy – “FaceTime”
Dirty Dancing – “Winning”
LUXI – “Understand”
Shle Berry x Nile – “Bloom”
The Last Bees – “True Or False”
ICYGUAP – “Moshpit”
Saebra & Carlyle – “1234”
Mike Regal – “Nuvos Ordo”
Stomata – “Honey Colored Eyes”
Renz Young – “The Blessings”
Bad Wig – “Machinehead”
Max Devereaux x Amanda Huff – “Fools Rush In”
Lex Allen – “Let Go”
Fuzzysurf – “When I Fall In Love With You”
Marielle Allschwang & The Visitations – “Every Name”