If you were online anytime between Wednesday night and this instant, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the latest internet phenomenon distracting us from our jobs and the increasing number of horrors in the world. This still-kinda-newish online “thing” is polarizing New York Times Op-Ed columnist posting a photograph of a “meal” he claims set him back $78 at the Newark Airport.

In the hours since that tweet, or ugh…that X, hit timelines, countless folks made fun of the writer’s massive tab that could’ve only gotten that large by also including some undisclosed cocktails. People added their own $78 meal/American economy jokes, most of which were pretty harmless and among the better things taking place on the dying and hate-fueled social media platform these days.

Even the restaurant that inspired Brooks’ now-viral tweet (or X…lame) took part in it. Well, since the internet is bound to move to the next thing before the end of the weekend, we figured we’d give the funny online happening of the week a local angle by creating some $78 meal combinations are restaurants in the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.

Since we weren’t about to go to the airport and, like, book a flight somewhere for the sake of this extremely time-sensitive article, we’re only featuring airport restaurants that have their menus and prices listed on the Mitchell Airport website (and we only featured menu items that had their price listed, hence no beer mentioned, okay?!). The next time you find yourself at Mitchell Airport with a powerful hunger and your company’s card, consider enjoying one of these $78—before tax and tip!—combo meals we created for a few airport restaurants.

Main Terminal

• Fried Cheese Curds ($10.49)
• Cup of Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup ($5.49)
• Perch Fry ($17.99)
• Side of House Veggies ($4.59)
• 3 Bottles of Korbel Champagne ($38.07)

Total Price Before Tax and Tip: $76.63

Concourse C

• Maple Brioche Breakfast Sammie served with Side of Fruit ($8.49)
• Yogurt Parfait ($6.99)
• Chopped Salad ($11.99)
• Side of Waffle Fries ($3.59)
• 7 Pieces of Cheesecake ($45.43)
• Tap Water ($0.00)

Total Price Before Tax and Tip: $76.49

• Burrata & Roasted Tomato ($14.00)
• Charcuterie Board ($21.00)
• Brisket Salad ($15.00)
• Smoked Salmon Rolls ($17.00)
• Triple Mousse Cake ($8.00)
• Tap Water ($0.00)

Total Price Before Tax and Tip: $75.00

Concourse D

• Pub Wings ($14.79)
• Brewery Chicken Chop Salad ($17.49)
• Milwaukee Fish Fry ($20.89)
• Side of Seasoned Fries ($5.49)
• 2 Orders of Yogurt & Fruit ($18.58)
• Tap Water ($0.00)

Total Price Before Tax and Tip: $77.04

• 21 Cream Cheese Bagels ($73.29)
• Hot Coffee ($2.39)

Total Price Before Tax and Tip: $75.68

• 7 Usinger’s Polish Sausages ($71.33)
• Fresh Fruit Cup ($5.79)
• Tap Water ($0.00)

Total Price Before Tax and Tip: $77.12

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