Brady Street pretty much has it all. The nine-block stretch on the East Side is home to bars and restaurants for all tastes, oodles of retail shops, a cat cafe, and even a dedicated “dart mart and juggling emporium.” What it doesn’t have is a cafe that specializes in THC-infused beverages and bakery goods. However, it looks like that’s about to change when The High Crowd Café opens at 1229 E. Brady St. this summer.

Thursday evening, Brady Street BID announced the incoming retailer on its Facebook page. The High Crowd Café is a cafe and bakery that offers Delta 9-infusion options. The first location opened in Chicago in 2022, and the business expanded into Madison late last year. Though people of all ages are welcome to purchase traditional takes on beverages such as tea, lemonade, and coffee drinks, only customers 21 and older can consume D9-infused beverages, which come in four “How High” options that range from the 25 mg “Chill” selection all the way up to the 100 mg “WTF” offering. Bakery goods appear to top out at 100 mg as well.

Beyond the drinks and baked goods, The High Crowd Café has “highly engineered” board games in its first two locations, and we can only assume that trend will continue in its first Milwaukee location. Stay tuned for more information on The High Crowd Café in the weeks to come. Until then, get ready for another Brady Street coffee joint…with a slightly different focus than its cafe contemporaries.

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