Last July, we tried to get you into the spirit for MobCraft’s annual Weird Fest block party by writing something about that odd and extremely small intersection that’s located right in front of the Walker’s Point brewery. Well, that article helped to start a dialogue between MobCraft and Milwaukee Record, which—following a few meetings, some beers, and ample planning—brought forth a new, intersection-involving offering that will be making its debut at Weird Fest 2023.

On Saturday, July 22, MobCraft’s block party will feature the “World’s Smallest Island Party,” which will allow a select few Weird Fest attendees an opportunity to have a little bit of fun at a pop-up island bar (that’s to be located in the brick area by the stop sign near the corner of Virginia St. and 5th St.). The space, which is no more than eight feet at its widest side, only seats two people. MobCraft will also be decorating this area to fit the island vibes.

Fittingly, the reservation times for this tiny makeshift tiki bar are also small. Each time block gives two people a total of 15 minutes to live it up in their own private island bar. Reservations also get each participant their choice of one drink (16 oz. Booze Cruise Fruited IPA, 16 oz. Crush Creamsicle, or 12 oz. Cloudless Tropical Seltzer) to enjoy at the “World’s Smallest Island Party” during their 15-minute reserved window.

Reservations for the “World’s Smallest Island Party” are $15, and only 22 slots have been made available to the public. If you want to sip in style in an unthinkably little bar overlooking this year’s Weird Fest action, you should grab your spot while you can. Let’s get weird, Milwaukee!

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