Milwaukeeans of a certain age may remember Milk Magazine, a pre-internet publication that served as a guide to Milwaukee music and beyond. Milkwaukee is not Milk Magazine. Instead, Milkwaukee is an Instagram account that posts pictures and reviews of milk. Milk that’s in Milwaukee. And the surrounding Milwaukee area. And sometimes across the country. But mostly in Milwaukee. And that’s all. It’s kind of brilliant and great. Let’s take a look…

Want a picture (and a review) of a bottle of Sassy Cow 2% from the lakefront Colectivo? Milkwaukee has you covered, and notes that the bottle “smelled weird”:

Perhaps you’d enjoy a picture of some Horizon Organic being consumed at Miller Park? Who wouldn’t? Milkwaukee understands your needs, and understands that $3.75 is way too expensive for such a little thing of milk:

Here’s some milk at a fish fry:

And here’s some (skim) milk at Ma Fischer’s:

Over and over again, Milkwaukee notes that a.) servers tend to get weirded out when someone orders milk (“judgement” or “no judgement” is a recurring review metric), b.) milk is almost always on the kids menu, if it’s on the menu at all, and c.) damn, can’t someone just a enjoy a glass of milk in Milwaukee without getting the third degree? “I am 17 and they served me in a child’s cup,” says a typical post. “There weren’t even any games on the child’s cup.”

Here’s to the grown-up milk drinkers. The dreamers. The rebels. Milkwaukee’s got milk, and it’s got their backs. [h/t Joe Halaiko]

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