Like countless other Milwaukee businesses, Hi-Fi Cafe is struggling immensely as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis. Since the pandemic made its presence known in the city, owners of the cafe that’s been a “Bay View time warp” for more than 25 years have been forced to lay off their three employees and downsize the business’ menu in an effort to make ends meet. Despite the cuts and the income brought in with owners working seven days a week, Hi-Fi Cafe will apparently be “closing within the month, if money is not raised to pay the over due business bills.”

Last night, a GoFundMe campaign was launched in an effort to save the long-running Bay View landmark…or at least buy owners some more time as they wait for conditions to get back to something resembling normalcy. “Help Keep Hi-Fi Cafe Alive” is seeking a sum of $12,000 to help the owners keep the iconic establishment going. Not knowing how much longer their financial struggles will continue, owners plan to keep the account active after the “modest goal” is met.

“The truth is that we’re not used to asking for help, and so we set a rather modest goal. Anyone who would like to support us further, we encourage you to please do that, and please continue to pass the word. We’re committed to finding a way to bring Hi-Fi Cafe forward, and the support we receive here will help us do that.”

If Hi-Fi holds a special place in your heart, if you want to make sure the character-laden coffee shop is still there on the other end of this pandemic, or if you want to simply help a business on the brink, either pick up an order from Hi-Fi Cafe soon or donate now.

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