If you’re reading this, you probably share our love of good burgers and maybe—just maybe—you also echo our appreciation for restaurants that go the extra mile to sell their quality burgers with well-thought gimmicks that are tied to holidays. This week, Company Brewing got into the Halloween spirit with a ghastly gastronomic creation that’s equal parts meaty and macabre.

Yesterday, the Riverwest brewpub unveiled its latest Burger Of The Week and, well, it looks scary as hell (and scary good, if you ask us). The “Eldritch Horror Burger” features a nightmarish black bun, creepy olive eyes, and fried squid tentacles to give the beefy and saucy creation an edible Cthulhu feel. Here’s Company Brewing’s description of the spooky special:

“Eldritch Horror Burger. A haunted house-made sesame seed roll, Roelli red rock cheddar blue cheese, frisee, special sauce, Company butter, fried squid tentacles, and a 6-ounce hand-formed beef patty. Be afraid.”

The $13 burg comes with a side of fries, tater tots, or chips. You can order it for carryout (or to enjoy on Company’s patio) daily between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. This unholy burger is only available at Company Brewing through Sunday, November 1. While you’re there, take part in Saturday’s awesome “Drink Or Treat” beer deal or pick up a six-pack of Milwaukee Record Re-Porter.

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