Even though it’s currently the dead of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Milwaukee is just days removed from a long and brutal cold snap, we’re sure many of you could go for some ice cream about now. We know we could. In fact, we were struck with an ice cream craving Wednesday afternoon, which prompted us to stop by Babe’s Ice Cream (2264 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., 414-482-4000) in the admittedly unlikely chance it was open.

As expected, the Bay View establishment—which has served up premium ice cream (including a variety of vegan, non-dairy, and gluten-free options) and what they boldly declare to be “Milwaukee’s finest ice cream cakes” since 2005—isn’t quite ready to begin its 2024 season, but the opening date might be closer than you think. A sign posted on the front door of the business indicates Babe’s will be reopening on Thursday, February 29. It’s a Leap Day miracle!

So there you have it, Cream City. While we have a lot of winter left to endure, brighter and tastier days are ahead. As you wait for Babe’s Ice Cream to reopen, enjoy this picture of a “Happy Freaking Birthday” ice cream cake we had Babe’s make a few years ago. There’s a drawing of a cat on it.

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