Lent is officially here. Even if you don’t adhere to this religious practice, you no doubt witnessed folks with ash on their head last Wednesday and you’ve likely also overheard friends or loved ones pledging to give up soda or Netflix or whatever for the next 40 days. We’re also willing to bet you’ve also noticed an uptick in fish consumption in the last week.

In addition to all of the fine Wisconsin establishments that offer fish every single Friday, an abundance of other businesses will adding seafood to their menus over the course of lent. However, if fish isn’t your thing and you’re looking to avoid red meat in another—more Italian-themed—way, one South Side pizzeria has you covered.

Starting last week, Di Stefano’s Pizza Palace (located at 4630 W. Forest Home Ave.) started offering a specialty pizza for lent. The “Lenten Pizza” is shaped like a fish and is topped with cheese and veggies. There’s even a black olive “eyeball” as an extra touch. Cute! Any Lenten Pizza purchase also comes with a free order of garlic bread. So if you’re looking to avoid waiting hours for fish fry, call Di Stefano’s Pizza Palace to enjoy “fish” in Lenten Pizza form. [h/t – James]

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