With warm weather comes the pleasures of biking, and with the pleasures of biking comes the pleasures of the annual Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series. For the past 10 summers, the grassroots, free, Friday-night event has screened films like Space JamLabyrinth, Jurassic Park, and the forever-awesome Tremors under the south end of the Holton Street Viaduct (you know, the Swing Park). This summer is no different; also no different: the need for financial support.

But first, this year’s schedule! (All movies begin at 8 p.m.)

June 15
The Wiz (1978)

July 20
Wayne’s World (1992)

August 17
Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit (1993)

September 21
Back To The Future Part III (1990)

October 19

Now for the money! A GoFundMe has been set up to make this year’s Bike-In Movie Series possible. According to organizer Michael J. Anderson:

Our $3,000 budget for the season includes the rights to each film at a cost of $350 each, $500 for portable bathroom facilities, $300 for the amazing work of Team Nerd Letter Press and promotional materials, $200 for a new Blu-Ray/DVD player and cords to help us better screen community shorts and sponsor messages, and miscellaneous fees. Any remaining funds will be used to provide incentives to those who ride their bicycles to the film. We need at least $800 by June 5th to start our season on-time, according to plan.

As of this writing, only three people have contributed a total of $130 to the GoFundMe. (A reader points out that a previous Kickstarter campaign only raised $11.) So open your digital pocketbooks, Milwaukee, lest you miss out on seeing the manure-plagued misadventures of Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen from the comfort of a swing park under a bridge.