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When it was first announced back in 2011, Bay View’s so-called “Art Stop” was touted as an eco-friendly, neighborhood-beautifying work of public art that would replace a dismal bus stop near the intersection of S. Kinnickinnic Ave., E. Lincoln Ave., and S. Howell Ave. When it was finally revealed in late 2014, however, it was a disaster. Urban Milwaukee critic Tom Bamberger wrote that the ugly mass of unadorned concrete, rusty metal, and exposed utility boxes was “neither art nor a bus stop,” and that it was nothing more than a “marketing strategy for a vacuous theory of urban development that married two things that really don’t go together.” The rest of Milwaukee seemed to agree.

More than a year later, nothing about the Art Stop has changed, leading to a wonderfully frustrated and bitchy discussion on the Bay View Town Hall Facebook page. Ryan, Evan, and Matt follow up on that discussion (and on a previous “Art Stop” Disclaimer episode) and wonder why Bay View Ald. Tony Zielinski is suddenly calling the failed project a “work in progress.” Another work in progress, Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo, is also discussed, as well as Star Wars, Lost, bringing PBR home, changing the Milwaukee flag, and that cowboy scene in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

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