We love The Morning Blend. Every once in a while, when The Morning Blend has five minutes to fill, we drop by The Morning Blend and talk about whatever. Sometimes, we even dream of being on The Morning Blend. That’s just what happened Wednesday night, when we (okay, me, Matt) had a dream that we got “the call.” Hours later on Thursday morning, sure enough, The Morning Blend reached out and asked if we’d stop by the next day. CREEPY.

Anyway, here’s our latest Morning Blend appearance. Discussed: the Shops of Grand Avenue, The Hop, Miller Park, Bob Uecker, and dreaming of being on The Morning Blend. (We didn’t get to the new stuff coming to “The Avenue,” but you already know all that.) Thanks, as always, to executive producer Kim Buchanan, hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle, and the entire crew. It’s another great day to shine.