Between natural disasters, a widening political and economic divide, and the innumerable hardships and injustices inhabitants of Earth face every day, it can be a pretty dark time to be alive. However, when life gets you down, it’s important to remember there is still good in the world. Even when humanity seems to be at its worst, there continues to be folks who are ready to step up and help others in their time of need. Even if those in need are skunks.

On the patio of Urban Bay View last night, a Milwaukee woman named Cristina Mondragon noticed a baby skunk with a cup stuck on its head. Risking injury from either end of the animal, Mondragon eventually cornered the terrified creature and freed it. Fortunately, her boyfriend Biju Zimmerman managed to film the rescue and cut the footage together into a montage (with a REW cover of “Cruel Summer” as its score).

“Cristina did it without hesitation,” Zimmerman tells Milwaukee Record. “Also, the skunk didn’t spray at all.”

Both parties ran in opposite directions, able to live out the rest of their days cup-free. Though the interaction lasted a matter of seconds and the world remains a festering pile of shit that only seems to be getting worse by the minute, selfless moments like these help make life a little less stinky.

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