On Saturday night, 311 will make its way to Summerfest for a headlining performance at the Generac Power Stage. While the Omaha, Nebraska rock outfit has managed its fair share of hits through the years (including radio regulars like “Down” and “All Mixed Up”), it’s pretty safe to say 311’s biggest song and the track with the most mainstream crossover appeal is “Amber.”

Believe it or not, the smooth and summer-suited standout single from the band’s 2001 record, From Chaos, actually shares some similarities with some breweries in and around Milwaukee. In the same way “Amber” is 311’s best-known song, some area brewers have also built a reputation with their own amber. The distinct beer is actually the style of the flagship products at long-running craft brewing establishments like Lakefront Brewery (Riverwest Stein) and Milwaukee Brewing Company (Louie’s Demise), and has a regular presence in the coolers and on the tap lines at various other local haunts as well.

In honor of the band’s upcoming Summerfest show AND as a means of showing some appreciation for the oft-overlooked type of beer, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up 20 locally-brewed ambers that we personally feel are the color of 311’s energy. Cheers!

Big Head Brewing Co. — Crew Cut Amber
Brewfinity Brewing Co. — LaBelle Lager
City Lights Brewing Co. — Amber Ale
Delafield Brewhaus — Delafield Amber
Eagle Park Brewing — Gene-O
Enlightened Brewing Co. — Kettle Logic
Faklandia Brewing — Electri Visio Amber Ale
The Fermentorium — Firemen’s Park Red
Lakefront Brewery — Riverwest Stein + Riverwest Stein NA
Layman Brewing — Muldoon’s Amber
Melms Brewing Company — Woodshed Imperial Amber Ale

Milwaukee Brewing Company — Louie’s Demise
Raised Grain Brewing Company — Boxcar English Amber
Sahale Ale Works — 1896 Amber Ale
Sprecher — Special Amber
Stock House Brewing Co. — Special Agent X Amber
Urban Harvest Brewing Company — Old Towne Amber + Espresso Amber
Water Street Brewery — Victory Amber

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