It’s that time of year when publications assemble their annual “best of” lists, or their annual “vote for your favorite thing” click-a-thons. But what if you combined the two, and presented it in bracket form? Well, welcome to Milwaukee Record’s inaugural, very serious, vote-as-many-times-as-you-want Best Milwaukee Thing Bracket! Sponsored by Lakefront Brewery!

Round 1 was a big, weird mess! Round 2 should be a little more chill, thanks to a lack of write-ins. It’ll run December 8-14. (Round 3 will be December 15-21; Round 4 will be December 22-25; Round 5 will be December 26-28; Round 6 will be December 29-30; the winner will be named December 31.) So vote!


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Vote in Round 1 of our Best Milwaukee Thing of 2023 Bracket