Every Friday, Stuff We Missed (formerly Off The Record, which is now the name of our print-only Colectivo publication) looks to other Milwaukee publications (and beyond) for, well, stuff we missed throughout the week.

• Another week of 1,050 electric rental scooters littering the streets of Milwaukee, another week of electric rental scooter controversies. While we don’t foresee this controversy countdown becoming a regular feature (we hope), this week did have some choice stories. And they are…

5. “Rise in electric scooters in Milwaukee could result in accidents, tampering”
Just a general scare story. Don’t ride on the sidewalk, be aware of your surroundings, etc. “I think this could lead to more deaths if people aren’t responsible enough,” says one rider. Also, some folks have been trying to steal the tires for some reason.

4. “Milwaukee woman says she broke her leg riding an electric scooter downtown”
A Milwaukee woman, Solana Ramo, was riding a scooter near Wisconsin and Water when she hit a pothole. She took a spill. She broke her leg. She’s “facing months of physical therapy.” There’s a GoFundMe to help her cover medical expenses. Get well soon!

3. “Local writer nearly breaks ankle on scooter, feels the weight of time pressing down”
True story! I—er, I mean, an unidentified local writer—was lifting a Lime scooter off the street and onto the sidewalk when the deck swung around and completely bashed my—er, I mean, the unidentified local writer’s—right ankle. Expletives, tears, and the feeling of time and age pressing down and crushing what little time I—er, I mean, okay, I—have left followed. But at least I saved six minutes on my “microcommute”!

2. “Marquette, UW-Milwaukee prohibit motorized scooters on campus”
Pretty straightforward: you can no longer ride motorized e-scooters on the Marquette and UWM campuses. You can ride them on city streets near the campuses, but not through UWM’s Spaights Plaza or whatever. Why? New policies, old bylaws, general safety, etc.

1. “Caught on camera: 3 visitors from Texas seen riding dockless scooters along I-94”
Everything about this story is incredible/hilarious. These three fucking dopes were from Texas. They were trying to get to the Harley-Davidson Museum. They were relying on GPS. Even so, they were headed away from the Harley-Davidson Museum. Oh, and on top of that, they were riding their scooters on the freeway. We’re glad everyone is okay, but Jesus.

• With its big move (and big downsizing) still years off, the Milwaukee Public Museum needs county cash to address air conditioning and water leakage problems. If the issues aren’t fixed, the museum could lose its accreditation. [Wisconsin Public Radio]

• Neighbors have thoughts and concerns about the $500,000 plan to spruce up Zillman Park in Bay View, because of course they do. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Milwaukee is hosting the 2020 Democratic National Convention! And three of the largest state delegations—California, Texas, and Florida—are staying in Illinois. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Former Green Bay Packers placekicker Chris Jacke has thoughts and concerns about the DNC, because of course he does. [Facebook]

• Milwaukee is stuffed with axe-throwing bars, painting bars, mini-golf bars, cat bars, and bar bars. And now…a candle-making bar? [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• The long-delayed Couture project is getting new fencing signs to attract prospective out-of-state investors. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• After 50 years in business, Dino’s is closing. The Riverwest staple will host a “Fare Thee Well” party on Wednesday, August 28. [OnMilwaukee]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!

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