If you’ve seen the Deadpool movies, you know that the fourth-wall-breaking titular anti-hero—and, by extension, actor Ryan Reynolds—loves talking shit about Wolverine—and, by extension, actor Hugh Jackman. And if you follow Reynolds on Twitter, you know that the playful shit-talking extends to real life, too.

For instance, yesterday, on Reynolds’ 42nd birthday, Jackman tweeted a nice photo of the two stars embracing.

Reynolds responded to Jackman’s tweet in typical fashion: by calling the Australian actor a “monster,” and by suggesting that Jackman is actually from Milwaukee. In other words, Ryan Reynolds (apparently) made a stealthy joke about Milwaukee’s famed Wolverine lookalike, Milverine. In other words, Ryan Reynolds is (apparently) aware of Milverine.

[EDIT: Or, yes, as some readers have pointed out/yelled at us about, Reynolds simply believes that being from Milwaukee is bad/lame/funny. If so, we’d like to remind him of the time WalletHub named us the 32nd most “fun city” in America.]

Reynolds has spent the past year trying to convince/harass Jackman to portray Wolverine one last time for a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover movie. (Jackman “retired” from his iconic role after 2017’s Logan.) If Jackman continues to balk, we know just the guy—a guy who may or may not be purposefully walking past the Milwaukee Public Market as we speak, bub. [h/t @knobstoeleven]

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