It’s no secret that Milwaukee’s Pfister Hotel is haunted as fuck. Built in 1893, the historic downtown hotel has spooked everyone from the incomparable Joey Lawrence to pretty much every visiting Major League Baseball player unlucky enough to step inside its cursed and tastefully appointed rooms. Mysterious lights, malfunctioning air conditioning, and chilly gusts of wind have all been reported—all indisputable proof of life after death, and not, as some killjoy skeptics would have you believe, proof of an old hotel.

Now, Los Angeles Angels rookie first baseman Ji-Man Choi has come forward to remind us that yes, the Pfister is still haunted as fuck. According to a piece on MLB’s Cut4 blog, Choi, who is currently in town and staying at the Pfister with his team, sensed a ghostly presence in his room Sunday night. Usually unable to sleep well in hotel beds, Choi claimed (via an interpreter) that the fact that he actually did sleep well in the Pfister was proof of a supernatural encounter. And it wasn’t his first run-in with otherworldly and comfort-minded visitors. Cut4 continues:

Choi always has a hard time sleeping in hotel beds. When he’s comfortable, “It means there’s a ghost,” he said. That, Choi claims, was the case on Sunday. He was asked what he thinks about spending two more nights at the same Pfister Hotel where he felt that spirit.

“I hope it’s a girl,” Choi said, bursting in laugher. “Nah, nah. Just kidding, you know. … I’ve dealt with it so many times, I don’t really care anymore.”

The Angels are in town through Wednesday, giving Choi one more night to contend with the restless spirits who haunt the Pfister day and night, feeding on the living and nourishing their own tortured souls. Hopefully those autograph hounds who are always outside the hotel’s east entrance don’t run into some ghosts, too.

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