In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a general election coming up in November. You should totally vote! (Need some info? Click here.) In the meantime, let’s puzzle over a new ad from Governor Scott Walker, which takes shots at Democratic rival Tony Evers via a spoof of 1970s kid show The Electric Company. Wait. What?

Yeah, we usually turn down the sound and/or gouge our eyes out whenever we encounter a political ad, but when a political ad is this odd, this specific, we take notice. The delightfully titled “Oh No Tony” features two silhouettes slowly (and literally) spelling out all the taxes that mean ol’ T…ony…Tony! E…vers…Evers! will raise if elected. Property taxes! Income taxes! Gas taxes! All done in the style of The Electric Company‘s semi-iconic “Soft-Shoe Silhouettes” bit from four decades ago!

Here’s one of the originals, featuring Morgan Freeman on the left:

And here’s the perfunctory Family Guy spoof, which, let’s be honest, is totally where Walker’s campaign got the idea in the first place:

And here’s Walker explaining the joke/reference. Oh no, indeed.

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