We here at Milwaukee Record love our city’s public transportation. We use and depend on it every day. We love Milwaukee Country Transit System. We love The Hop. We love Amtrak. We don’t mind those scooters. Hell, we even love the Washington County Commuter Express, which will take you from downtown all the way to West Bend for $3.75. Why would you want to go to West Bend? That’s for you to decide.

Having said all that, Milwaukee’s public transportation—and the country’s public transportation—is far from perfect. Some might say it sucks. That’s the thesis of the new episode of Netflix’s Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj, which finds the award-winning host explaining why public transportation is in a constant “death spiral.” Spoiler: Trump, the Koch brothers, racism, “mayonnaise billionaire bullshit,” and dullards who use the word “boondoggle” at lot.

The whole episode is worth a watch, but the Milwaukee stuff begins at the 15-minute mark. Expect lots of talk about light rail, the Zoo Interchange, segregation, and Scott Walker (“Paul Rudd if he got less time in the womb”).

And yes, a 24-minute Netflix show doesn’t discuss everything about Milwaukee’s public transportation woes. (They forgot last week’s news that MCTS is cutting 16 bus routes!) Check out this recent Milwaukee Magazine piece for a good primer on how and why Milwaukee County is getting screwed by the rest of Wisconsin.

Also, ride the bus.

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