The holidays are upon us, but what we really want is for our favorite hottie to be up on us instead. Unfortunately, the necessity of physical distancing continues through these chilly months, giving folks in long distance relationships an incentive to get creative. Sexuality creativity is something that humans really excel at, as is evidenced by the ever-growing field of teledildonics.

That’s right—I’ll say it again: Teledildonics. And no, I did not make the word up myself. The term was actually coined all the way back in 1991 by Howard Rheingold, a technology critic and writer. Just as technology evolves quickly, the precise definition of teledildonics has also evolved. Currently we use the term to describe sex toys that can be controlled over long distances via a combination of smartphone app and Bluetooth, as well as sex toys that can interact with virtual reality platforms.

Companies like WOW Tech, Lovense, and Kiiroo are making great vibrators, prostate stimulators, and strokers that can be operated from anywhere in the world. You think you like phone sex now? Just wait until your partner can turn the intensity up (or down!) at just the right moment from across town or the other side of the globe.

We-Vibe is a well-respected sex toy brand. They launched their first vibrator in 2008, and are probably best known for their c-shaped vibrator that can be worn during penetration. The Chorus combines that classic We-Vibe shape with the We-Connect app to make something for up close or long distance play. The Moxie is a small, sleek vibrator that can be worn inside the underwear or held against your favorite body part. It comes with a remote that works within 30 feet or so. Or you can download the We-Connect app on both you and your partner’s phones and control them from anywhere. There are other We-Vibe toys that utilize teledidonic technology as well!

Kiiroo is a Dutch sex toy company specializing in teledildonics. Their toys can be controlled by smartphone app and Bluetooth over very long distances, just as the We-Vibe toys can. But Kiiroo takes the virtual experience even further. Many of Kiiroo’s products can also be synced to each other, allowing two partners to feel each other’s movements – no matter how far apart they are. The Titan is a stroker that incorporates nine bullet vibrators throughout the sleeve. Used alone, the toys is a great (and intense) masturbation device. But when you pair it with another stroker or vibrator, and you’ve got an intimate, interactive sexual experience with your partner. The Pearl2 is a longer vibrator, designed to be used for clitoral play or vaginal penetration. Like the Titan (and several other Kiiroo products), it can be paired to another toy. But this brand doesn’t stop there! There is also specially produced virtual reality porn that will sync to many of these toys as well. The tech is really fun. It allows the action in the video to speed up or slow down based on how you’re moving with the toys. You can also pair two toys to sync with the video, which opens up even more possibilities in terms of fantasy, pleasure and connection!

Teledildonic toys are also very popular in the world of interactive web camming. They allow cam models and their clients to connect in a much more personal way. Lovense, a brand available for sale in our Milwaukee brick and mortar location, has been a popular choice among web cammers and fans for years.

The toys I’ve discussed here are far from the only options available. Surprisingly, these products are not nearly as expensive as you might think, ranging from $99 to $219. If you want to learn more about teledildonics, the Tool Shed is hosting an online event on Thursday, December 17, at 8:30 p.m. to discuss the technology and demonstrate how to pair and control the toys from a distance. More details are available on our website and Facebook page.

Curious about cunnilingus? Anxious about anal? Do you have questions about queefs or problems with your prostate? Lucky Tomaszek is the education coordinator at The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique, Milwaukee’s only mission-driven, education-focused sex toy store. Send her an email at [email protected] and she’ll get back to you with an answer.

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Lucky Tomaszek, LM, CPM, is the education coordinator at The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique, Milwaukee's only mission-driven, education-focused sex toy store. Most mornings you can find her balancing her cat and her keyboard in her lap, working to make the world a smarter, safer place for people of all genders and orientations.