It’s Valentine’s Day, so you know the drill: every rank-happy site from Thrillist to WalletHub is unleashing lists of the best cities to find love, the best cities to lose love, and the best cities to sit alone in your apartment humming the theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion while the rest of the world makes babies or whatever. Sigh. A cruel angel’s thesis, indeed.

So, anyway, here’s one from Apartment List, which has rounded up the best U.S. metros for dating. Using survey responses from nearly 11,000 singles, Apartment List has determined that Milwaukee ranks a lowly 38 out of 70. That ranking again: 38 out of 70—right between Philadelphia and Orlando. Damn. Here are some more “fun” Milwaukee dating facts from Apartment List:

• Overall, 43% of respondents in the Milwaukee metro reported satisfaction with dating opportunities, ranking #38 out of the 70 metros we analyzed.

• Men are more satisfied with dating opportunities than women: 46% of men gave positive responses, compared to 41% of women.

• The share of positive responses was 48% for those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 39% for those with lower levels of education.

Meanwhile, Madison, Wisconsin ranked not #37, not #27, not #17, not #7, but #1 on the Apartment List list. Congrats to the single-friendly city that boasts the Wisconsin State Capitol, Art Paul Schlosser, and this hilarious Taco Bell story.

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