If Milwaukee is good at one thing, it’s celebrating itself. And why not? After long decades spent slouching in a self-imposed inferiority complex, the city has finally learned to embrace its many quirks, recognize its hidden and not-so hidden gems, and announce to the rest of the world just how neat-o it really is. Hell, this very website wouldn’t exist without Milwaukee’s newfound local pride, and neither would things like the “Dear MKE” video series; Milwaukier Than Thou; Thanks For The Love, MKE; and countless other Milwaukee-rific sites. In short, it’s a good time for Milwaukee celebrating Milwaukee.

New to the Milwaukee love game is “Meet Milwaukee,” a video series created by the local branch of Yelp and local media and communications agency B Media. The monthly series promises to profile 12 different Milwaukee business throughout 2015, focusing on “diversity in geography, offering, ownership, and more.” In the promising first installment, Yelp’s Rachel Fell visits the owners of Valentine Coffee Roasters in Washington Heights. Check it out below, and look for the next installment in February.

Meet Valentine Coffee Roasters – “Roasted to Perfection” from Meet Milwaukee on Vimeo.