In honor of this weekend’s Riverwest 24, it’s “Bike Week” here at Milwaukee Rec…well, okay, it’s not, but we totally should have thought of that earlier. Anyway, to tide you over until the big 24-hour extravaganza, how about a video from last month’s Underwear Bike Ride? Yes, the scantily clad event has been dropping trou and hitting the road since 2011, giving Milwaukee a body- and bike-positive experience that’s second to none. Ever wished you could enjoy the sensation of a skivvy-encased bottom on an uncomfortable bike seat? There’s no shame here, people.

The video comes courtesy of out-of-towner Gil Birman and his Milwaukee “special lady,” Sarah Bare. There’s the requisite “cheese and beer” shout-outs, some nifty drone and time-lapse footage, plenty of hijinks, and, oh yeah, hundreds of folks riding their bikes in their underwear. Coo Coo Cal’s “My Projects” also makes an appearance. Until next month, Underwear Bike Ride.