The first Kohl’s store opened in Milwaukee in 1927. It was little more than a corner grocery store, and it wouldn’t be until 1962 that Kohl’s got into the full-fledged department store business. Since then, Kohl’s has spread to 49 states (sorry, Hawaii!), and has become one of the largest department store companies in the country. It’s big, it’s local, and, in 1984, it was selling Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack cassettes for the low, low price of $5.99.

Yes, in a vintage commercial that touches on both ’80s music and the decade’s weird obsession with the ’50s, Kohl’s implores shoppers to “get it to go on cassettes.” Watch as a roller-skating waitress at an otherworldly ’50s drive-in serves up a Tears For Fears tape (Songs From The Big Chair!), a John Fogerty tape (eh), and a Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack tape (which “really cooks”). “Oh, how we value our customers” reads Kohl’s tagline at the end of the commercial. Oh, you aren’t kidding. [via The TV Madman]

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