Since 2009, Milwaukee’s Victory Garden Initiative has built more than 2,500 raised-bed urban gardens for the city and its residents. The group’s goal of creating a “community-based, socially just, environmentally sustainable, nutritious food system for all” will come to a head next month with its annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ. Looking to get your garden on this spring? Here’s your chance.

From May 7-21, hundreds of volunteers will build and install approximately 500 4×8 raised-bed gardens, complete with organic soil from Blue Ribbon Organics. Anyone can purchase a garden for their “backyards, front yards, schools, community centers, and places of worship.” At least half of the BLITZ gardens will go to low-income recipients. Registration to purchase a garden is open now through April 30. Prices can be as low as $25 for homeowners in Washington Park, but more typically fall in the $160-$175 range. Looking to volunteer for the BLITZ? Click here for more information.