The East Side is changing. Sure, the neighborhood—like much of Milwaukee—has always been in a state of flux, but the rapid and rampant construction of massive, view-obstructing condos and cookie-cutter apartment complexes has made portions of the region virtually unrecognizable compared to the way they looked even a year ago. As a result of the so-called “development” of the East Side that’s bringing young professionals and affluent baby boomers to the neighborhood in droves, rent is on the rise. Case in point: this bird house.

Spotted on North Van Buren Street, this one-bedroom dwelling is a steal at $825 per month. Enjoy the “big yard” that’s so large there’s an actual house on it. Fly across the street to the Metro Market with ease, or perch on a bar stool at nearby Victor’s. Dogs are welcome…if they can fit. The peach-colored home boasts one bath (perhaps a flat one set outside that’s filled with rain water?). While small, the property is perfect for an empty nester looking to downsize.

Okay, so there’s the possibility the rent and other details written on the bird house actually pertain to the full-sized home that’s erected on the property. Still, with new residences popping up throughout the neighborhood and more people flocking to the area, tenants are beginning to pay more for less. With $825 single-room rentals now pretty much the norm in that part of town, the East Side will soon be, well, for the birds.


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