With our “Business To Business” series, we’re offering business owners in and around Milwaukee a platform to acknowledge other local establishments and area entrepreneurs they appreciate. This week: Mystery Room Mastering owner/operator Justin Perkins says some incredibly kind words about us. Here’s what Justin has to say…

My first thought was to write about GTO—Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant—but what more is there to say? They have the best tacos in the city, perhaps the world. I’ve never strayed away from the tacos there, but I’m told the rest of their menu is top notch too. The salsa is like no other salsa I’ve ever had…in a good way.

I really just want to give a shoutout to Milwaukee Record though. I’m old enough to remember the glory days of The Onion A.V. Club and other print publications that were typically very good at covering underground and lesser known bands, artists, events, etc. compared to what the major publications are able to do. Now that print publications are few and far between and everything is online, the landscape has changed, but the need for coverage and content is stronger than ever.

When the Milwaukee Onion A.V. Club was dissolved, it left a MAJOR hole in coverage of the types of music, events, and things I am typically more interested in than the mainstream stuff. To my relief, I caught wind that Tyler Maas and Mild Wild were launching Milwaukee Record. I could tell right away it was going to be a much needed service for the area.

But that’s the thing, it’s a service. I think many people may take such a service for granted like a public utility that will just always be there, but as a small business owner myself, I know how time consuming and, at times, challenging it can be to operate and maintain a small business. Taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, paperwork, website upkeep, emails, and a bunch of other things that need to happen before you can even get to the stuff that you were actually passionate to do in the first place. It seems that the more successful a business becomes, you spend less time doing the things you set out to do and more time doing the less fun things that keep it afloat and operating smoothy.

Next time you read an article that you enjoy or next time your next project gets a nice write-up by Milwaukee Record, just remember that we’re extremely lucky to have such a great independent journalism service. That is Milwaukee Record.