Is there any Milwaukee politician cooler than Ald. Nik Kovac? Probably not. The longtime 3rd District alderman is a staunch supporter of the city, a champion of the arts, the host of the weekly Packerverse radio show on Riverwest Radio, and has been known to take Milwaukee Record’s advice on what shows to check out. (Hope you enjoyed Whips at Linneman’s a few weeks ago!)  He’s also willing to shine a helpful light on pressing city issues via his personal Facebook page. And what city issue is more pressing right now than winter parking rules? Happily, Kovac attempted to clear up any confusion surrounding winter parking yesterday with this post:


A lot of you are asking this question, so hopefully this answer is helpful: The alternate side rule only applies if you can legally park on both sides. So if there is a winter restriction or a 4-inch sign, then that trumps the alternate side rule so you should just always park on the non-signed side until the other side is plowed to the curb (in the case of 4-inch rule) or until March (in the case of the Dec 1 – Mar 1 signs). However, the 2-hour signs and the RPP signs do not trump that, because they only apply during the day and the alternate side rule is only at night.

To quote Dark Helmet from Spaceballs: “Everybody got that?”

While we appreciate Kovac taking the time to explain the city’s byzantine winter parking rules, we have to admit that we’re still more than a little confused. Delighted, but confused. We’re no linguistic (or parking) experts, but the English translation seems to be this: take the bus.

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