On Tuesday, August 9, you can vote—nay, MUST vote—in the 2022 Partisan Primary. This is one of those elections where you’ll vote within one—and only one—political party. If you vote for Democratic candidates, you can’t vote for Republican candidates, and vice versa. You’ll be voting for the candidates you want to move on to the 2022 General Election on November 8.

Six big statewide races will appear on every ballot in Wisconsin: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and United States Senator. Two races will appear on every ballot in Milwaukee County: Milwaukee County Sheriff and Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court. A handful of additional races may appear on ballots depending on where you live. Find out exactly what will be on your ballot by using the ever-handy myvote.wi.gov.

Polls will be open for in-person voting from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Find your polling place by using the ever-handy myvote.wi.gov.

Need to register to vote? Do that by using—you guessed it!—the ever-handy myvote.wi.gov.

Want to vote early? You can do that until Saturday, August 6. There are four places in Milwaukee County where you can do this in person:

• Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building (841 N. Broadway)
• Good Hope Library (7717 W. Good Hope Rd.)
• Midtown Center (5700 W. Capitol Dr.)
• Zablocki Library (3501 W. Oklahoma Ave.)

These places are open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. during the week, and 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Want/need to vote absentee? Good luck! But seriously, you have until August 4 to request an absentee ballot (August 5 for military or indefinitely confined voters). Request your ballot by using—say it with us!—the ever-handy myvote.wi.gov. Send your completed ballot back in the mail.

Here’s who’s running in those six big statewide races:


Democratic: Tony Evers (i)
Republican: Kevin Nicholson (dropped out, will still appear on ballots), Rebecca Kleefisch, Timothy Ramthun, Adam J. Fischer, Tim Michels


Democratic: Peng Her, Sara Rodriguez
Republican: Patrick Testin, Will Martin, Kyle Yudes, Roger Roth, David C. Varnam, Cindy Werner, David D. King, Jonathan Wichmann


Democratic: Josh Kaul (i)
Republican: Eric Toney, Karen Mueller, Adam Jarchow


Democratic: Doug La Follette (i), Alexia Sabor
Republican: Amy Lynn Loudenbeck, Jay Schroeder, Justin D. Schmidtka


Democratic: Aaron Richardson, Angelito Tenorio, Gillian M. Battino
Republican: John S. Leiber, Orlando Owens


Democratic: Mandela Barnes, Alex Lasry (dropped out, will still appear on ballots), Kou C. Lee, Sarah Godlewski (dropped out, will still appear on ballots), Peter Peckarsky, Steven Olikara, Darrell Williams, Tom Nelson (dropped out, will still appear on ballots)
Republican: Ron Johnson (i), David Schroeder

And here’s who’s running in those two Milwaukee County races:


Democratic: Thomas Beal, Denita Renee Ball, Brian Barkow
Republican: no one


Democratic: George Christenson, Anna Maria Hodges
Republican: no one


Democratic: Darrin Madison Jr., Bryan Kennedy
Republican: no one

So there you go. A down and dirty guide to voting in the 2022 Partisan Primary on August 9. VOTE.

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