Since 2001, gamers, pinball nuts, tabletop competitors, and cosplayers alike have had an electronic oasis near Milwaukee each spring, as the Midwest Gaming Classic has taken root in a suburban hotel and become a fixture for hundreds throughout the heartland. Though small at its outset, the annual event has grown to take over more than 21,000 square feet of the Brookfield Sheraton (and gigantic tents connected to the hotel) while easily earning the title of “the largest all-encompassing electronic gaming trade show in the Midwest.” This spring’s event was its largest to date, and was a shitload of fun, even for noobs.

Early Friday morning, the dates for the 15th annual Midwest Gaming Classic were announced. Mark your calendars and reserve your rooms for April 11-12 for the Classic, which will continue to take place at the Brookfield Sheraton. (Figure out this downtown convention center bullshit already, Milwaukee!). Special “V.I.G.” passes are available for April 10, which offer even more gaming opportunity, as well as an industry meet-and-greet, a Friday dinner, and repair workshops. The V.I.G. passes ($75) are limited to 300, and cover the entire weekend’s admission. Weekend passes are $40 ($30 Saturday only, $15 Sunday only). Admission covers all gaming costs.

So start building up your thumb endurance, get that Wario costume out of storage, and buy those tickets early. The Classic is only 26 weeks away! Unless an arcade moves to Milwaukee permanently, this is the best weekend of the year for gamers and pinball players in town.

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