Though we have no solid data to back up this claim, it’s safe to assume the Milwaukee Bucks bandwagon has more people on it than ever before. As the long-struggling and oft-overlooked franchise continues its march toward the NBA Finals, the Bucks have been getting an unusual amount of media attention and they’ve been seeing a remarkable uptick in interest from a local populace that’s been largely apathetic about the team’s existence for much of this century. Along the way, the Bucks have also drawn interest from a few celebrities.

Last night’s third game of the Eastern Conference Finals brought out a few notable fans. Of course, it was impossible to miss infamous Raptors curse fan Drake annoying two countries worth of basketball fans with his courtside antics during the tense double-overtime contest. However, Gucci Mane countered by attending Sunday’s game and sporting a Giannis jersey. Comedian Hannibal Buress was also at the game in Toronto last night, and the self-proclaimed “passionate bandwagon Bucks fan” made his presence known by booing the shit out of the Raptors.

Buress posted a video that showed him booing Raptors free throw attempts and, in the process, pissing off a bunch of Toronto fans in his section. “The Passionate Bandwagoner” told the uncharacteristically impolite Canadians he’d see them back at the arena in Game 4.

Whether you’re famous or not, there’s still lots of room for you on the Bucks bandwagon. Hop aboard.

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