It’s a good time to be a Brewers fan. Milwaukee currently has the best record in the National League, and had the distinction of being the first team to 50 wins. The team’s shutdown bullpen has a lot to do with the Crew’s first-half success, and (excluding some recent stumbles) lefty reliever Will Smith has been an especially big part of Milwaukee’s winning ways. As can be expected from a team that will enter July an astounding 18 games over .500, the mood seems to be loose among players.

This is a few days old, but we couldn’t not address the existence of this MLB Fan Cave video of some members of the Brewers bullpen paying “tribute” to actor and curse-free rapper Will Smith because, you know, there’s a guy on the team with that same name or whatever.

The sub-two-minute nightmare finds Smith, Zach Duke, Rob Wooten, Mike Fiers, and Wei-Chung Wang running through a medley of baseball- and Milwaukee-themed song parodies, such as “Men In Blue,” “The Wild Midwest,” “Fresh Prince Of Brew City,” and “Welcome To Milwaukee.” Highlights include Fiers’ sweet falsetto, Wooten’s laconic rapping, Smith’s stiff and garbled delivery throughout (“Who doesn’t love a rescue dog? UHH!”) and both Duke and Wang making it utterly apparent they’d rather be doing anything else at the moment. Carlos Gomez even makes a cameo.

As is usually the case with any athlete-attempted musical performance, this is so, so awful that you can’t help but bask in its shittiness. We bet Smith wishes the neuralyzer thing actually erased memories, since his teammates probably won’t let him forget about this video any time soon. Hey, if the ’pen can keep up the good work, we’ll watch any music videos they make. Might we suggest “Gettin’ Bernie Wit It” or “Just The 25 Of Us” next time around?

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