Stadium repairs shouldn’t be on the City of Milwaukee taxpayers’ dime

From Alderman Jonathan Brostoff, Alderman Lamont Westmoreland, Alderwoman Larresa Taylor, Alderman Mark A. Borkowski, and Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II

With Governor Evers’ months-old proposal to use part of the state’s surplus to fund $290 million in needed repairs to American Family Field all but dead, we want to change the expectations’ trajectory for the funding in a fundamental way.

We believe firmly that NOT A DIME of the funding should be footed by City of Milwaukee taxpayers.

The Brewers and the stadium district need to identify a funding model that uses a mix of private funding—including some from team ownership—as well as borrowing and other sources to take care of the repairs.

When a vehicle breaks down and needs repairs to keep running, people dip into savings or use credit to pay the bill. We believe this is exactly what needs to happen with American Family Field.

The Brewers are a tremendous asset and have put together a winning team by making very wise and strategic decisions with personnel and with payroll. We see no reason why they cannot do the same when it comes to addressing the repairs at Am Fam Field.

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