Dan DuChaine and Bill Rouleau of legendary Bay View record store Rush-Mor Records join Tyler and Matt this week for some spirited conversation over dinner at Café India. The group covers a whole host of things related to running a record store in the 21st century: Record Store Day, people flipping records on Record Store Day, the death of vinyl, the resurgence of vinyl, new global release dates, and more. They also talk about the history of Rush-Mor, the Bay View Bash, and Bill’s sizzling chicken tikka masala, which arrives on the table, and on mic, during the course of the show.

As always, On The Record is brought to you by the generous support of Ale Asylum—though this episode relies more on those giant bottles of Kingfisher. Music used this week comes courtesy of Soup Moat (“Comfy One”) and Platinum Boys (“Ride Free”). Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher.