For much of its existence, Soup Moat‘s name was routinely and understandably found in and around the term “sludge.” However, in the 12 months since the band’s most recent release, Inspirations, Soup Moat has undergone some lineup changes, diluted the heavy recipe of murky musicianship and become a stylistic stew of sorts. Soup Moat’s latest, Enjoy Your Hobbies, is an erratic five-song (well, six, including digital bonus track “Envelope”) traipse through an assortment of sub-genres. Some of that can no doubt be attributed to the addition of new guitarist Jason Jolly (formerly of Catacombz), who infuses a touch of psychedelia into the punk/sludge hybrid (most notably on opener “Comfy One”). A cacophony of recorders—the kind you blew into in elementary school—precedes the noise/hardcore amalgam of “Nevernotfuckedup” thereafter, which then gives way to the punk-tinged cock rock of EP-stealer “Uptowner Girl.” By the time the brooding rock styling of aforementioned “Envelope” brings Hobbies home, Soup Moat has taken you all over the map (all in under 11 minutes, mind you). While you didn’t stay in any one place particularly long, you’ll enjoy the journey as a whole.

The random-colored vinyl (only 300 pressed) will be available from Milwaukee-based label Triple Eye Industries beginning March 3. Physical copies will also be sold at Soup Moat’s seven-inch release show Friday, March 6 at Hotel Foster, which doubles as Platinum Boys’ album release show (and the first show of Soup Moat’s new guitarist, Nathan Riddle, who also used to play in Catacombz). Before Enjoy Your Hobbies hits Milwaukee this week, listen to the genre-jumping EP now, only at Milwaukee Record.

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