Originating long before the city had anything even resembling a sustainable comedy community, Milwaukee Comedy Festival has grown and evolved in kind with Milwaukee’s humor scene. From August 1-5, the Milwaukee-curated undertaking will offer an eclectic blend of stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy in its 13th year. In addition to the festival itself, which boasts the likes of Colin Quinn and the Lady Parts Justice League, there are also some pre-MCF kickoff shows (including our Roast Of Milwaukee event).

Before the fun kicks off, host Tyler Maas went to The Underground Collaborative—the site of the vast majority of the weekend’s shows—to talk about all things Milwaukee Comedy Festival with founder Matt Kemple, along with co-producers Kaitlin McCarthy and Greg Bach. Together, they discussed the festival’s origin, ways it’s grown and evolved through the years, what to expect at the 2018 Milwaukee Comedy Festival, and how they (through their work at Milwaukee Comedy) are working to improve stand-up in the city all year long.

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