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MATT: I’m looking forward to tonight’s guests! They strike me as a bit autumnal, if I may use that word.

MAGGIE: That’s a really good point! I also felt that when I was listening to their tunes today.

MATT: We are speaking of course about tonight’s guests, as Oak. as Oak is a fantastic group that first appeared on my radar sometime last year, when they released a fantastic record called Lake House Sessions. I really, really love that record, and it was one of my favorites of 2022. They’re here in the studio, and I believe they are playing a lot of new material tonight, so we’ll have to ask them about that.

MAGGIE: Let’s send it out to them and hear their tunes and then talk to them in a little bit!

MATT: Let’s do it. Here they are, as Oak!

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As Oak carves out magic in fantastic, enigmatic ‘Lake House Sessions’