There’s an interesting push-and-pull in the video for Myles Coyne‘s latest single, “Digital Age.” The song deals with the pleasures of pandemic-era domestic life: staying in and binging Netflix (“Can we just stay in bed and watch a show? / Talking to our families from your telephone,”) as well as solving “this riddle of chaos and creation in the boudoir.” And yet the bulk of the video features the Milwaukee music mainstay gleefully taking a spin outside, visiting local landmarks like Voyager Book Shop, Jose’s Barber Extraordinaire, and Rush-Mor Records. Welcome to the conundrum of 2021!

“The lyrics are peak COVID-era self-reflections about streaming shows during the pandemic, not wanting to return to your boring day job, interacting with family and friends through technology, and how [my] overall perception on life has improved since meeting [my] wife Isabel,” Coyne says.

Anyway, “Digital Age”—Coyne’s first new song since 2017—is a sunny and upbeat ditty highlighted by a droll delivery and a couple of well-placed “meow”s. The Joe Ludwig-directed/edited video, meanwhile, is a dizzying romp featuring some nifty camerawork and an aw-shucks ending that’ll warm your digital-age heart. And hey! You can pre-order a colored 7-inch vinyl copy of the song HERE. Meow!

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