Since first coming to consciousness as a member of the SAFS Crew hip-hop collective more than five years ago, Vincent Van Great has been continually evolving as an artist. His 2016 solo debut, UnGREATful, found the nimble rapper reaching new creative territory. Following that release, Vincent put out a few impressive singles, incorporated his “Ninja Sauce” backing band into the mix, and changed the style of his moniker from “VanGREAT” to its current “Van Great.” His artist growth is showing itself with each new release, and—while he’s always moving forward—he’s also found time to look back and improve upon previous material.

Two years ago, VVG released a track called “I’m The Man” with his Unifi Records counterparts Dana Coppa and MC Oneself (of Rusty Pelicans). The uptempo single was chock full of crunchy electric guitar licks and distorted vocals. With new perspective and Ninja Sauce behind him, Van Great decided to revive the gritty 2016 cut in a new, improved, and unexpected way. “I’m The Man Pt. 2” proves it’s possible for sequels to outshine the original, as Van Great showcases his vocal chops on lyrics he rapped the first time around. Ninja Sauce brings well-placed keys, silky smooth bass, and a lounge-like melody to the second’s second iteration to help Van Great take the track to greater heights.

In all, “I’m The Man Pt. 2″—which was recorded at Wire & Vice and mixed/mastered by Mammyth Audio—is a testament to Vincent Van Great’s versatility, and shows he’s unwilling to stay in one creative lane too long. Before Vincent Van Great releases his 10-song A Tape Called Fresh this summer, you can see him perform at this weekend’s Summer Soulstice and at Summerfest on June 28. You can listen to “I’m The Man Pt. 2 (Ninja Sauce Edition)” below.

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