WMSE is nothing short of a local treasure. It’s an area institution, it’s one of a kind, it’s an invaluable champion of local music that should be supported and preserved at all costs. How can you support WMSE, you ask? Well, you can donate to the station. You can buy WMSE apparel. You can attend Rockabilly Chili (and the station’s numerous other annual events). And, of course, you can also volunteer with the station. That’s a great start!

If you’re seeking yet another way to benefit “The Mighty 91,” we highly suggest checking out the wide range of items the station currently has up for auction. Yes, WMSE’s “Spring Cleaning Auction” features more than 120 lots that, well, pretty run the gamut of music, film, and other random goodies. Some standout items include:

• Office chair
• Super Nintendo with controllers and six games
• Assorted audio/recording equipment
• Two iPads
• Blank cassettes
• Other cassettes and cassette cases
• DVD/VHS combo
• Assorted VHS (including Spice World!)
• Assorted stickers, including 93QFM stickers
• Assorted new age CDs
• Books based on and/or written by musicians
Found Footage Festival DVDs
• Boxes of 1,000 plastic cups
• Vintage sheet music
• Antique candlestick holders
• Three WMSE football helmets

That’s just some of the treasures that await! The auction is set to end around 10:20 a.m. on Wednesday, March 13. Winning bidders will be expected to pay for their items by March 18 and pick items up at the station by March 20 (or pay additional fees for late removal). Support WMSE, get some weird and potentially useful stuff, and place those bids now!

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